First, thanks for actually wanting to know more about me. I am a concert photographer from Honolulu, Hawaii, and am now based out of Lexington KY.  Why Lexington? -Why the heck not?

I get a few emails now and then asking me for advice on how to become a concert photographer.  My best advice is to get out there and shoot.  You'd be surprised how many small bands would appreciate you taking photos of them posting them on social media.  Just be careful and don't get used.  As for me, I got my start shooting photography by walking into night club to have a drink after a pretty bad break up.  A scene photographer approached me and and asked to take my picture. I obliged and decided to show her some pictures of lizards and bugs that I took with my camera my dad gave me.  She invited me out to take pictures with her and my alter-ego Photocyclone was born.

I am a huge supporter of Wikipedia and try to contribute at least one photo from each concert I do.


Media Publications

  • Frolic Hawaii
  • Honolulu Star Advertiser
  • Hana Hou! Hawaiian Airlines Magazine
  • Honolulu Weekly
  • GeekTyrant.com
  • FashionablyGeek
  • Mashable
  • Wikipedia

Musicians Shot

  • Adam Ant
  • Angerfist
  • Arctic Moon
  • The Beach Boys
  • Blackburner
  • Bone, Thugs & Harmony
  • Camile Velasco
  • Cazzette
  • Christina Novelli
  • Collette
  • Cosmic Gate
  • Dash Berlin
  • Eli Mac
  • The English Beat
  • Erika Elona
  • Fei-Fei
  • Felguk
  • Gabriel & Dresden
  • The Green
  • The Hell Caminos
  • Incubus
  • Jack Johnson
  • Jerome Isma
  • JJ Flores
  • John Digweed
  • Jordan Suckley
  • Kaskade
  • Kawehi
  • Kings of Spade
  • Kristina Kova
  • Late Night Alumni
  • Macklemore
  • Marques Wyatt
  • Matchbox 20
  • Matisyahu
  • Miko Franconi
  • Moby
  • The Naked and Famous
  • Qbert
  • Rebel Souljahs
  • S3RL
  • Sasha
  • Shwayze
  • Sublime